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file771235146973We have a large number of Christian apologetics audio lessons of our own and also secured from other sources for making available on this website. Download and listen at home, on your mobile device, your MP3 device, or on your tablet device. You can also copy them on to CDs for listening while you drive.  We keep adding audio lessons every week, so be sure to bookmark and come back regularly.

Advanced Apologetics, Dr. Phil Fernadez
(MP3s are about 10 MB Each in size, Posted Here With
Permission Received by Trinity School


How Do These Free Christian Apologetics Courses Work: These free Christian apologetics, Christian evidence, creationism, and intelligent design audio lessons have been produced from an evidentialist framework. These are provided totally free to you for your personal study, enrichment, and equipping. There is no fees, and no formal application. These are self-study online courses similar to the older-generation correspondence courses. We keep adding new courses every week. Check at the top navigation-bar to see all the courses that are available.

We also have graduate programs with emphasis upon Christian Apologetics. You can see these graduation programs at Trinity 


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  1. In this talk, Prof Schaefer discusses the hitrosical origins of science within the Christian worldview. He also gives the testimonies of past and present scientists in many fields who have combined Christian faith with award-winning scientific discoveries, including many Nobel Prize winners.This reminds us once again the embarrassing error of those who, displaying bare-faced modernist chauvinism, try to argue that true science and Christian faith are incompatible.

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