Christian Apologetics Course 7


Christian Apologetics Free Course 07

The Tools of Christian Apologetics

pocket-knife-6552_640Christian apologists are increasingly facing complex and sophisticated attacks against the faith. These attacks cannot be handled randomly. Rather, certain well-known tools of discussion, debate, and analysis are needed and we will introduce these tools in this course. This course gives an overview of the tools, and these tools will be introduced individually in several lessons that will follow.


How Do These Free Christian Apologetics Courses Work: These free Christian apologetics, Christian evidence, creationism, and intelligent design lessons have been written from an evidentialist framework. These are provided totally free to you for your personal study, enrichment, and equipping. There is no fees, and no formal application. These are self-study online courses similar to the older-generation correspondence courses. We keep adding new courses every week. Check at the top navigation-bar to see all the courses that are available.

We also have graduate programs with emphasis upon Christian Apologetics. You can see these graduation programs at Trinity 


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Other Lessons In Course 07

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  1. Dahlia Corella-Ryle

    I am very interested in your program. I’m currently on disability and cannot pay for traditional online classes at a university. I would like to know the amount of the entry fee that I read about on your website. Could you please forward that information to me?

  2. Please send an initial application and all details shall be sent to you

  3. Give no chance to the gospel defamations TGSAT is offering an opportunity for free today and your faith and life will not remain the same.

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