Christian Apologetics Free Course 12, Lesson 05

Christian Apologetics Free Course 12, Lesson 05

Analyzing Bible Difficulties 05

Common Sense About Difficulties In The Bible Part 2

saturn-153576_6405–The Apparent Problems In The Bible Become Negligible When They Are Honestly Compared With The Incomparable Excellencies Of The Bible: We have pointed out several times in this book that a few problems are definitely to be expected in the Bible. Even the most committed believers may not find answers to all the questions that come to mind. This is because of the divine nature of the Book, and also because of the prejudices and limitations of human understanding. However, no honest person can ignore the unusual power of this Book to change human lives.

Uncountable wretched and wicked persons have been touched by this Book, and in an instant became new persons. There is no other book in the world which has infused or inspired people with new life or hope like this. This fact must always be given due weight when problems and difficulties in the Bible are considered. This in itself is enough to point out that the seeming problem might not be a problem at all if all the facts are available. If people are determined to spend all their time, energy and intelligence only to criticise the seeming difficulties in the Bible, many of which are trivial, while at the same time they overlook the incomparable life-giving aspects of this Book, it is more a deliberate or prejudiced attempt to distort the message of the Bible than a sincere doubt.

6–History Is Our Witness That The Alleged Difficulties Are Given Much More Weight By Superficial Readers Than By Serious Students Of Any Type: A careful examination of the output of people who speak and write frequently against the Bible shows that a good number of them know the Bible only superficially. Most of them have never read the Book even once in its entirety, and they do not have any idea of the history, geography, culture, language, or customs of Bible times and lands. Neither do many of them exhibit, in their studies, a desire to delve deeper. Interestingly, there are many people everywhere who show a greater respect for this Book simply because of the depth of their knowledge. These people are not all believers in the Bible, but they are serious students of the sciences, arts or humanities, and the depth that they have acquired in their respective subjects makes them recognise the manifold character and depth of the Bible. Serious students of any subject will know the value of depth in any kind of studies, and they will avoid occasions to criticise subjects about which they are ignorant.

In the past there have been many occasions when critics tried to study either the whole Bible, or parts of it, in more depth. Interestingly, in most cases those critics turned into strong believers in the Bible. The story behind the novel BEN HUR should be known to every Christian. Its author was an infidel, who was challenged to disprove the historicity of the Lord Jesus and His miracles. This man was a genius, and he put all his talent into achieving this end. Gradually the undeniable truth of it all started to dawn on him, and eventually he became a believer in the Lord Jesus. BEN HUR is the story in which he gives expression to his discovery — that Lord Jesus was a historical person !! Shallow people always give great weight to supposed problems whereas well-informed people tend to be cautious in alleging that the Bible contains errors.

7–Many Problems Are Artificially Created By Propagandists And Do Not Have Their Origin In The Scriptures: From time to time every society goes through periods of hostility against and opposition to biblical truths. At such times forceful writers and speakers are able to influence people heavily against the Bible. They successfully sway people against the Bible through the weight of sheer propaganda. Effective propaganda bypasses all that really matters — truth, facts, analysis and rationality — by making a strong appeal to emotions. They manipulate people by playing upon human needs, interests,  curiosities, loves, hates, prejudices, fears, lusts, cupidities and amusements. When these techniques are used to attack Biblical faith, the real issues are overlooked while non-issues dominate the air. The tone is emotional, not rational. Unless people understand this strategy of attack, they will not be able to see how propagandists devalue the Bible without any foundation. This subject is quite specialized and vast, and therefore it has elsewhere been treated in detail by the author.

8–Careful And Prayerful Study Will Resolve Many Difficulties: If people try to raise problems against the Bible merely with the aim of discrediting it, they will never arrive at a proper solution. They are already prejudiced against this Book and will not be able to see anything that opposes their own bias. But if a person approaches the Bible with the proper spirit, then many of the apparent difficulties will vanish one by one. However, NOT all the difficulties will ever disappear because humans are finite and limited creatures, while the Bible is the word of the infinite God. Also, our knowledge of the world is incomplete, and therefore some difficulties are bound to continue in those topics which touch upon history, geography, culture etc. However, for sincere seekers, a sufficient number of problems will be solved for them to  trust the Bible confidently.

CONCLUSION: No one can solve all the problems in the Bible. But the way in which the alleged problems raised by one generation do become solved in the following generations shows that the Bible is an amazing book. Most of the problems and difficulties arise either because of human ignorance or rebellion. An honest inquirer has to accept that this Book has an amazing integrity which no one has ever been able to discredit. Serious study and investigation of any subject is bound to give rise to some problems and difficulties. In the case of Bible, the presence of difficulties is only natural because it is a divine Book which requires spiritual insight for a proper understanding. When finite humans try to understand the infinite God and His deeds, difficulties are bound to arise. Further, many of the people who study the Bible do so with motives of attacking it and it is natural for such people to come up with a good number of presumed or real difficulties. The presence of difficulties should not surprise anyone. On the contrary, the serious Bible student must be prepared to face the issues honestly.





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