Christian Apologetics Free Course 04

Christian Apologetics Free Course 04

Reliability of the Canon


dead-sea-scroll-677135__340History tells us that the attempt to find difficulties and contradictions in the Bible is thousands of years old. Over these millennia several thousand alleged difficulties have shaken many Bible-believing Christians, but the actual number of difficulties is far less than it at first appears. Careful analysis shows that these difficulties fall into certain categories, the total of which is not more than about two dozen. These have been introduced in this course.


How Do These Free Christian Apologetics Courses Work: These free Christian apologetics, Christian evidence, creationism, and intelligent design lessons have been written from an evidentialist framework. These are provided totally free to you for your personal study, enrichment, and equipping. There is no fees, and no formal application. These are self-study online courses similar to the older-generation correspondence courses. We keep adding new courses every week. Check at the top navigation-bar to see all the courses that are available.

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Other Lessons In Course 04

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  1. The Christian apologetic modular course will help Christians especially those who want prove of non contradictory evidence. I thank ISDET and Trinity College for the such lessons.

  2. Iwish am already enrolled with ISIDT iwould have alot to comment.My contact +256772454452 or post mail me on PO.Box.117, Busia,Uganda,East Africa.

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